The wild buffalo is probably the bravest animal in the wild world. Not only is it willing to fight lions to protect its own kind, but it can also stand up to protect other animals from lions.

A rare sight in the wild. A buffalo is trying to save a poor zebra from a lion’s mouth.

The zebra was busy eating grass and was suddenly attacked by a lion. A powerful attack hit the zebra’s hind legs and it was quickly knocked down by the lion.

Notice the appearance of the lion and the dangerous situation of the zebra. A wild buffalo was nearby, ready to rescue the zebra.

The wild buffalo rushed to the scene and quickly scared the lion into running away. It even tries to wake up the zebra so it can run away.

The zebra can then stand up and run with painful steps because its hind legs have been severely injured. The lion took this opportunity to attack a second time and everything was over.

The wild buffalo did not want to do meaningless work again and he chose to give up.


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