The cunning hyenas have long been labeled cowards and scavengers. In fact, they are powerful predators, not only scavenging but also regularly hunting and killing prey within their range.

Meanwhile, zebras are not easy prey because in addition to the ability to run fast, they also possess an extremely scary back kick that makes even lions shy.

Instead of standing still and letting the hyena attack, the zebra turns around and bites the predator, creating a spectacular escape.

In the video posted on YouTube, a zebra is being attacked by a hyena. Instead of standing still and waiting to die, the zebra responded by biting back at its opponent.

Angry at being counterattacked by its prey, the hyena still tried to bite the zebra’s thigh to defeat the animal. However, due to attacking at a disadvantageous position, the hyena was kicked by the zebra.

Finally, after a tense and prolonged battle between the two sides, the hyena gave up and retreated. Seizing that opportunity, the zebra escaped and ran away from the hyena’s sight.

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