Hippos are ferocious animals and they love to pick fights with crocodiles.

Because they live in a water environment, the hippo is afraid that the crocodile will harm its children or simply wants to chase the crocodile away for peace and quiet.

Today’s horses had a lucky day because the hippo’s ferocity saved them from the pain of the crocodile’s jaws.

The zebra herd crossed the river and quickly got stuck near the shore because of the strong current and crocodiles. 2 zebras are at risk of dying.

A stronger zebra rushed forward and defeated fate, safely climbing ashore. The remaining zebra seems to have accepted death.

But the hippo appeared and began to rush at the crocodile. Although there were many crocodiles, they were all afraid of the hippo and began to run away.

The zebra finally felt its luck, it rested a bit and then safely climbed ashore.


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