A series of heartwarming images shows a brave mother gazelle trying to save her baby from the claws of a giant eagle.

The mother gazelle approaches the bird of prey as it perched one leg on the fawn’s head. Then, the mother antelope rushed to attack the eagle. The two fought fiercely in the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

The clash occurred when the mother gazelle tried to chase the eagle away, but the eagle fought back and refused to give way. Despite her efforts, the mother gazelle could not rescue her calf and was forced to retreat to avoid serious injury.

This scene was recorded by Linda Skeen, 65 years old, from Wyoming. She said: “Suddenly a huge Martial eagle swooped down from above. We didn’t understand what it was doing at first, then realized it had caught a young Thompson’s gazelle.”

“It took a while for the mother antelope to realize the eagle had taken her calf. It started to attack, trying to rescue it.”

“At one point, the eagle placed one claw on the fawn’s head and used the other claw to strike the mother’s head.”

The giant eagle stands over its prey and spreads its wings to appear threatening to the mother antelope.

Maybe it’s all over.

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