One hot sunny afternoon, a male lion quietly stalked his prey in a large field. Its eyes were sharp, following every smallest movement of the hippo sleeping soundly near the riverbank. The hippo was so big, it seemed like nothing could disturb its sleep. But the lion, with its intense hunting instinct, saw an opportunity to attack.

Slowly, the lion moved step by step, without making any noise. A few meters away, it lowered itself, its muscles tensing, preparing for the decisive pounce. Suddenly, the lion jumped up, rushing straight towards the hippo with sharp claws and a resounding roar. Awakened suddenly, the hippo panicked and reacted in anger.

The giant hippo turned around, its fiery eyes looking straight at the attacker. With unparalleled strength, it rushed forward, opening its mouth wide to reveal sharp fangs. The lion tried to dodge but couldn’t make it in time. In just a split second, the hippo caught the lion’s head in its jaws. The lion’s roar rang out in pain, as the hippo almost crushed its head.

The struggle was fierce, the lion used all his remaining strength to escape death. Luckily, a small window of opportunity arose when the hippo suddenly loosened its jaws, allowing the lion to retreat. It rushed towards the bushes, hiding with a serious wound on its head. The hippo was still angry, but after seeing no enemy, it returned to its original place and continued its unfinished sleep.

The lion’s hunt this time was unsuccessful, but it learned a valuable lesson about the strength and danger of the hippopotamus. In the wild world, the hunter is not always the winner.


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