In a video clip, three lions overpowered a baby calf. Upon realizing that one of their herd members was in trouble, around 300 wild buffaloes gathered to surround the three lions in an attempt to rescue their fellow buffalo.

Despite being outnumbered, the lions showed no fear and were determined to confront the buffaloes to keep their prey. Consequently, the buffalo herd returned 11 times but still failed to save the calf.

The rescue effort lasted more than half an hour. In the end, the buffalo herd had to retreat, and the calf lost its life under the claws of the three lions.

The African wild buffalo, also known as the Cape buffalo, is one of the five major animals on the continent, along with lions, leopards, rhinos, and elephants.

Meanwhile, lions are among the most formidable predators across the African grasslands. Thanks to their remarkable strength and sharp teeth and claws, they can overpower many other animals for food. The fastest method African lions often use to subdue prey is by attacking the respiratory system, biting, or tearing at the throat.

In reality, wild buffalo are not easy targets in Africa. If a lion hunts alone and underestimates its prey, it could be seriously injured or even killed. Therefore, when hunting wild buffalo, lions typically hunt in groups, targeting lone or weaker animals for easier kills. However, if the buffalo herd bands together in resistance, the situation becomes much more challenging.

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