The feud between lions and hyenas has existed for a long time, originating from fierce competition in the wild. These two species always compete for territory and food sources, leading to endless confrontations.

Hyenas, with their cunning and opportunistic nature, often seek to attack weak lion cubs when they are temporarily away from their mother’s protection. On one occasion, a group of hyenas decided to take revenge by attacking a lion cub playing nearby.

A pitiful cry for help rang out in the deep forest, causing the mother lion to quickly rush over. With strength and determination to protect her cub, the mother lion rushed into the hyenas, creating a fierce fight.

Although the mother lion tried her best, the cub did not survive. The outcome of this revenge attack was a profound sadness for both sides.


The mother lion was in pain because of losing her cub, and the hyenas also suffered heavy losses, receiving catastrophic revenge from the mother lion.

The hatred between the two species became even deeper, continuing in the endless spiral of life and death in the wild.


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