Wild dogs are scary predators because of their collective strength. When they are ready for a hunt, their prey will lose their lives, it’s just a matter of how long it will last.

An unlucky big Kudu fell into the sights of a pack of wild dogs and he had to fight to survive today. Kudu quickly ran away into a deep water hole where its tall size would give it an advantage.

The wild dogs seemed very hungry and in a hurry, they swam to the middle of the lake to attack Kudu and drag him to shore.

The Kudu realized its opportunity had come and it began to attack, jumping out of the water and delivering deadly kicks with its hind legs.

A few stray dogs witnessed Kudu’s power and quickly left this deadly place.

Even though he escaped the immediate danger, Kudu still had to fight for a long time later because the wild dog would not give up.


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