Under the shimmering sunrise, a majestic natural picture is painted: a huge giraffe, graceful but determined in shape, standing firmly in the middle of the green grass. On its back, small children are carefully chewing soft grass, bewilderedly playing.

But the peace did not last long. A virgin hunting cheetah, optimistic and brave, determined to hunt for her own survival, approached from behind, eyes blazing fire, arms toned.

It is no coincidence that the mother deer, with all her heart, made a brave decision. Its large, vibrant eyes suddenly became fierce, the arc of air stretched out, and its steps were graceful but decisive. It refuses to let anyone threaten its little cubs.

The attack took place with agility and force. The mother deer jumped up, her large sharp horns fighting back. The sounds of collision, the hiss of cheetahs and the groans of deer blend together in a dramatic natural battle.

Even riding on its own strength, the cheetah still has to retreat before the indomitable spirit and courage of the mother deer. In the midst of this, the mother deer successfully protects her young cubs, so they can continue to live in this harsh jungle world.

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