Zebra tries to fight and defeat crocodile in life and death moment

Anywhere in the wild, danger exists and the animals can pay with their lives.

The lakes will be the most dangerous and deadly places because the animals need water to live and the crocodiles are always there waiting for their meals.

The battle between the zebra and the crocodile below is a fiercest moment, even though the zebra is standing next to its herd, it is not safe enough in the wild.

The crocodile suddenly appeared and attacked, it bit the zebra’s leg and pulled the zebra into the water. The scene was witnessed by many other tourists.

Everyone thought it was going to be a tragedy for the zebra, but then something unexpected happened. The crocodile got entangled in a rock and could not continue to pull the zebra into the water.

The zebra quickly took advantage of the opportunity to make a successful escape.