The wildebeest’s miraculous escape from death made the lions only watch.

Wildebeests are large, hooved animals that belong to the antelope family. They are found in Africa and are known for their annual migration across the Serengeti plains of Tanzania and Kenya.

Wildebeests are herbivores and preeminent graze on grass. They have a distinctive appearance, with a broad, flattened snout, a shaggy mane, and curved, pointed horns.

Their fearsome horn is the weapon that helps them overcome the deadly lion hunts.

The lions usually hunt single wildebeest and try to take down the wildebeest as quickly as possible. But it is very difficult to do that.

Lions often have to dodge deadly attacks and fearsome horns, wildebeest will hang lions on its horns if it wants to.

Not too surprising when 1 vs 1 battles, wildebeest also have a high victory rate against lions. With some exceptions, wildebeest have defeated two lions at the same time.

The amazing moment is captured below: