The wild buffalo sets an example of how to defeat lions and make them suffer

The wild world is fierce and predators are always easy to win and get what it wants. But with unity, the strength will increase many times and the predators will be defeated.

The buffalo has always been a symbol of solidarity in the wild and they have defeated lions many times.

Lions often hunt in groups or alone, they often separate the weakest buffaloes from the herd and then simply defeat it.

A buffalo was hunted beneath a dry river and it was quickly left out of the herd when attacked by a lion. It turned around and fought the lion heroically.

But then it was quickly captured by two lions. Its herd quickly returned to the rescue and rammed the two lions out of the fight.

The whole herd of buffalo quickly ran to a safe location and the other buffalo was able to escape a life thanks to the strength of the herd.