The poor giraffe experienced 1,000 pains but was determined to live before the crocodile’s jaws of death

A giant crocodile emerged from the water, seeing potential prey – a giraffe drinking from a small stream. This scene suddenly turned into a tough hunt. The crocodile moved slowly across the water, revealing only part of its rough back.

The giraffe, with its tall and slender body, saw the silhouette of the crocodile and was alert. It quickly jumped back towards the trees, but could hardly escape the predator’s cold eyes. The crocodile approached like a bullet floating on the water.

Silence and quiet add to the feeling of tension. It waits for the perfect moment to attack. When both animals were stressed to the end, the crocodile quickly jumped out of the water, biting the giraffe’s leg.

The crocodile’s surprise and strength make it impossible for its prey to ignore. The deer cried out in pain and tried to struggle, but the predator did not give in. The crocodile pulls its prey down and eats it.