The Lion King secretly attacked the baby hippo and failed miserably when he could not destroy the hippo’s skin

Hippo is an extremely aggressive animal and always creates a scary feeling for animals. But they still seem to be scared every time they face a lion.

Lions rarely hunt hippos, but with young or adult hippos they can.

A newly mature hippo is being captured by 2 male lions, the chances of survival of the hippo in this case are very low as it is lying to enjoy its slow death.

The hippopotamus began to scream in agony and pray for a miracle to happen to it or other hippos to come to the rescue.

Fortunately, the hippo’s parents heard the call and rushed to the scene. At first, the two hippos were indifferent to the fight, thinking that their baby was dead.

But then they quickly turned and attacked the lion, the baby hippo was freed and quickly took revenge when it tried to run after the lion to attack.

The video was recorded and posted on Youtube, fortunately the baby hippo survived and was able to continue its harsh life in the wild.