The lion appeared unexpectedly and unleashed a move to defeat the hyena and wildebeest

Wildebeest is an extremely powerful herbivore and is ready to fight for survival, even the strongest predators do not frighten them.

A hyena is wrestling with a wildebeest for a lunch and the fight is getting intense.

Wildebeest are very strong and hyenas cannot attack the wildebeest’s weakest point. But the hyena was wise and it decided to attack the wildebeest’s leg area and wait for help.

The wildebeest are also fearless and attack the hyenas with great force, the hyenas dodged many hits from the wildebeest but could not end the fight.

The hyena accepted defeat and soon the lion showed up and taught the hyena how to hunt, it only took a few minutes for the lion to do it and a delicious meal was in front of them.

Great video showing the strength, strong fighting spirit of wildebeest but lion is still king here.