The leopard looked miserable after a fight with a hedgehog family in an unexpected situation

Hedgehogs are animals with excellent defense abilities, the sharp spines on their bodies are ready to knock down any animal that dares to come close.

Watch the heartbreaking results of a leopard trying to destroy a porcupine family in a YouTube video.

The hedgehog family was walking on the road and a leopard suddenly rushed forward. There are 2 children and the mothers start to act.

The leopard hurriedly gave him a meal of porcupine meat without fear. Hedgehogs aim sharp spines at leopards.

An excellent defensive position, the porcupine moves flexibly as the leopard changes direction of attack. This leopard still lacked a lot of experience and received painful thorns, stuck straight into its mouth.

The leopard finally retreated and released the porcupine family.