The hyenas work hard to hunt the impala, but it’s all for nothing when they fail

Impalas are herbivores that are frequently hunted and face many enemies in the natural world. Therefore, the impala needs to run fast and have a wide vision to survive.

The hyena does not hunt with its running speed, but often appears in places where there is food and begins to steal. They really hunt when encountering rather weak prey and defeating the prey after a long time of chasing.

A fight between the impala and about 4 hyenas is a fascinating fight, the fight takes place in a shallow waterhole.

Impala is captured by 4 hyenas after the race, but the fight is not over yet because the impala is fighting extremely strong.

A tough confrontation for the impala but determined to stay alive, the impala tries to attack the hyenas and break the siege.

The hyena is known to have the largest bite force and is larger than the leopard. That’s why it’s only a matter of time before finishing the impala