The honey badger is bored and trying to kill a large antelope

The honey badger is known to be a small and extremely stubborn animal, they can be ready to confront fearsome predators such as lions or leopards.

The honey badger is also an extremely good predator, but it is impossible for the honey badger to hunt a large antelope.

On a bored day due to lack of food, the wandering honey badger quickly encountered a large herd of antelope. The antelopes were indifferent to the presence of the honey badger.

The honey badger was annoyed and decided to go on a big hunt. It approached and attacked the nearest antelope, but the end was painful for it.

The antelope struggled and writhed, dragging the honey badger with it and hurling the honey badger into the air. The honey badger fell down painfully and the antelopes then quickly fled.