The “death” hippo one after another defeats the most fearsome predators in the wild

Hippos are large and deadly animals when they start to get angry. Predators like lions and leopards are also terrified of hippo’s angry moments.

With the body looks quite heavy, but the speed of the hippo is quite good, the speed of the hippo can reach about 30km / h. With tons of animals running at a speed that also makes everyone afraid.

Adult hippos are usually indifferent to predators such as lions or leopards. But the young often receive special attention from predators.

The wars of hippos and other animals happen quite a lot, all the battles with hippos are very tense and fierce.

Here are a few of the most horrifying moments that show just how terrifying hippos are.

Hippo is not only scary to animals but it is also the god of death for mankind when quite a few people die every year because of hippos.