The crocodile rushed ashore like an arrow pierced the cow’s body then was hung upside down by its horns

Crocodiles are an animal associated with death and live in deadly rivers, animals that need water to drink and constantly come to give their lives to crocodiles.

The moment a crocodile confronts a cow has been recorded and is going viral for a fight against death.

The cow and its friends were drinking water and were suddenly attacked by a crocodile. Crocodiles are quite large in size and have been able to hold the tail of a cow.

The cow started to panic and tried to run away but the crocodile did not give up easily and wanted to drown the cow in the river.

Thanks to encouragement and strong fighting spirit, the cow finally won and escaped from the crocodile’s mouth. This rare moment shows us the power of crocodiles, but cows are not easily bullied.