The bravest sapele antelope is ready for its death with two ferocious lions

Antelopes are large herbivores and are often hunted by lions. But to get meals from antelope meat, lions have to go through a fiercest battle.

This moment will demonstrate the fierceness and tension of the battle. 2 lions are trying to catch an antelope in fear.

The lion attacked the antelope and gained the advantage, the antelope was quite badly injured in the leg and had difficulty moving. But the war did not end in a one-way street.

The antelope almost killed the lion with a strike with its horns. The lions began to get scared and move away from the antelope.

The lion then watches and waits for the next opportunity to attack. They certainly do not dare to risk again when the antelope has enough strength to fight.

The antelope died in the end but what it did against the lion was truly amazing.