Otter alone struggles with 9 dogs to find a way to survive and return to his family

Lone Otter Defends Itself Against 9 Dogs In Canal, with their adorable antics and playful nature, otters have become Singapore’s unofficial mascot.

But we have also seen how these creatures can fast become ferocious when they sense a threat.

A video of an otter surrounded by 9 dogs in a canal was shared on Youtube.

The dogs barked as they circled the otter, seemingly taking turns to try to nip at it from behind.

Although the odds were stacked against it, the otter tried its hardest to fight the canines off.

Time and again, the otter ferociously lunged at the dogs, letting out a loud squeal while doing so.

Although its efforts appeared to deter the canines for a while, the otter was outnumbered.

At one point, a black dog managed to bite the otter on its tail.

Following this, the otter appeared tired out, choosing to submerge itself in the water and rolled around instead.