Hyena that is not afraid of death is trying to catch a hippo for lunch in the river

The wild world is scary, but the scariest thing is still death. When animals are not afraid of death, they are not afraid of an animal at all.

These hyenas are trying to swim underwater and steal a baby hippo’s carcass next to a ferocious mother.

The hungry hyenas are seeing a baby hippo carcass and they are pondering because they haven’t had a full meal. But then they decided to take a risk.

A large hippo was standing near the carcass and if not careful they could be buried in an instant.

The hyenas started to act. They split up to approach the hippo from many directions to increase the probability of success and not make the other hippo angry.

But the water was too deep and it was difficult for them to move the body. The mother hippo didn’t get angry but she still wanted to be with her cubs, just a few gentle actions made the hyenas panic.

The hyena had a chance to own the carcass, but it let the others down.

Painful moment for hippos but too risky for the hyenas’ lives.