Fighting for life in the mouths of lions and zebras painfully accepting the truth

This female lion is very hungry and for nearly a week she has not had food, the lion cubs at home are screaming in hunger pangs. The mother lion must hunt alone and accept many great risks.

It left the nest and wandered across the vast grasslands and accidentally discovered a herd of zebras eating grass. Its hunting instinct arose, it lowered its body and slowly approached the target.

When the distance is close enough, they will perform a top sprint and catch their prey with a thousand-pound pounce.

The lion rushed out like an arrow and the three zebras still did not know what was about to happen. The zebras ran away in many directions and the lion chose the weakest zebra to attack.

In just a few short seconds, the lion caught up with the zebra and knocked it down. The remaining simple thing is just one stroke of the neck and holding tight until the zebra stops breathing.

A zebra is of average size and can hardly upset the mother lion. But if it were a larger zebra, its kicks could cause a lion to break its jaw.

But the bad thing did not come and he had a meal, satisfying his hungry stomach.