Crazy jackals fight for dinner and gentle animals don’t give up easily

Some animals are small when angry, the whole world is smaller than it. Mothers in the wild can do crazy things you’ve never seen before.

An angry mother gazelle chased a stray dog ​​to the end when it was discovered that it was attacking its young. Photos are recorded and posted on Youtube.

A hungry jackal was hunting alone and spotted the newborn gazelle and immediately took action. Jackals bite the gazelle’s neck and constantly do whatever it takes to end the gazelle’s life.

But this wild natural world is not easy, even with all its efforts and efforts, the jackal still cannot defeat the newborn gazelle.

An intense battle when Gazelle’s mother returned and witnessed the whole thing. Immediately it rushed and attacked the jackal and chased the forest for tens of kilometers.

It can be seen that the gazelle mother is determined to avenge her child and if the jackal was slow, it would most likely have lost its life.