Angry monkeys rush down to attack crocodiles to save baby monkeys from hell’s door

Monkeys are intelligent animals and have a high herd behavior, predators very quickly will be discovered if they intend to hunt monkeys.

A great moment below will surprise you to witness. A baby monkey was captured by a crocodile in a shallow waterhole and witnessed the amazing actions of the monkeys to the rescue.

The baby monkey is captured by a small crocodile and is fighting intensely for life, the crocodile is too young to finish the monkey and the battle is at a standstill.

The screams of the monkeys and they quickly gathered near the battle. The bravest monkeys start to act, they rush to attack the crocodile and try to pull the poor baby monkey out of the crocodile’s mouth.

In the end, all the efforts paid off, the baby monkey was saved with some small wounds on his body and mud.

It’s a lucky moment but it’s also great to see this scene.